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A surprising racing driver
Audrey Hutcheon -- 2010-07-27

I grew to love driving an MG. I had my licence at 18 …
More Denniston memories
Dorothy -- 2010-06-04

A crime-free community, friendly people, happy school days, plenty of entertainment, fun and friendships -- a great place to grow up. The fog, the rain and the cold winds no deterrent to happiness …
Where some statues go walkabout
Joan Woodward -- 2009-11-03

In Christchurch's Cathedral Square, John Robert Godley, the founder of the Canterbury province, has had a few changes over the years …
Unique history celebrated at North Shore Heritage Festival
Olivia Starrenburg -- 2009-09-25

The Festival includes more than 30 events remembering many facets of the North Shore's unique history - from fashion, marriage, literature and antiques, to beach life, sport and architecture ...
Ron Palenski's history "HOW WE SAW THE WAR:1939-45 THROUGH NEW ZEALAND EYES"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-09-03

The material and illustrations are drawn from newspapers published during the war when written material was of special significance as there was no television or Internet and radio news broadcasts were few …
A balanced performance – the Christchurch Bicycle Band
Joan Woodward -- 2009-03-12

Young cyclists today perform impressive manoeuvres on their cycles, but the Christchurch Bicycle Band begun in the 1890s played as they rode – in spite of their uncomfortable cycles and the poor state of the roads …
"The Celluloid Circus: The Heyday of the New Zealand Picture Theatre
1925 – 1970" By Wayne Brittenden

Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-12-17

Read this entertaining book to recall past enjoyment of movie going or extend your knowledge of the entertainment so widely enjoyed in the middle of the twentieth century …
Jack Rogers – Man of peace prepared to suffer for his convictions
Part 2
The years in detention

Dorothy -- 2008-11-07

Hautu Detention Camp was used from June 1942 to April 1946 to accommodate 150 C.O.s of the 800 men who were conscripted into prisons and camps in WW2.
A camera and three reels of films were smuggled into the camp …
"Great New Zealand Railway Journeys"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-10-29

Graham Hutchins takes readers on twelve railway journeys - the scenery, the history of each area, conversations with fellow-travellers – an enriching experience for the armchair or active traveller …
Two contrasted books shed light on colonial life in nineteenth century New Zealand - Part 2
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-06-20

Vile Crimes: The Timaru Poisonings – historic nineteenth century crime investigated by lawyer Peter Graham
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