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Dinosaur Exhibition success
Report from Otago Museum -- 2003-11-27

Biggest dinosaur exhibition seen in southern hemisphere attracted record visitor numbers at Otago Museum with over 50,000 people
Puke Ariki -Taranaki's heritage and information centre
Dorothy -- 2003-10-20

Taranaki's Puke Ariki, purpose-built fully integrated museum, library and visitor information centre, in New Plymouth beside Tasman Sea
Otago Museum hosts Dinosaur Exhibition
News from the Otago Museum -- 2003-07-18

Dunedin's Otago Museum to host New Zealand's first exhibition of Chinese Dinosaurs including 12 complete dinosaur skeletons
More moa bones recovered
News from the Otago Museum, Dunedin -- 2003-03-20

Bones of New Zealand's flightless upland moa were found in the Serpentine Range and brought to Dunedin's Otago Museum
Francois Leurquin restores Dunedin's bronze statues of Peter Pan and Robbie Burns
Gary Blackman -- 2002-12-03

Gary Blackman describes how conservator Francois Leurquin restored Cecil Thomas's Dunedin's bronze statues of Peter Pan and Wendy
Scott Bros Ltd Made A Strong Impact In New Zealand.
Dorothy -- 2001-06-29

Scott Bros Engineering, Christchurch, NZ, made Atlas fuel and electric ranges, engines, bridges, cast iron structures and wrought iron products.
Preserving Treasures Of The Past - 11 - Tawhiti Museum - New Zealand History
Dorothy -- 2000-09-08

Tawhiti Museum in Taranaki, New Zealand, shows Taranaki history through hand crafted displays and dioramas.
Preserving The Treasures Of The Past - 8 - Ferrymead Historic Park
Dorothy -- 2000-07-28

Ferrymead Historic Park features a steam railway, tramway, Edwardian village and museums.
A Visit To The Replica Bark Endeavour - Captain Cook

Captain Cook's ship, Endeavour, has been copied in the replica visiting New Zealand in 2000.
The Mainline Station Restaurant
Dorothy -- 1999-12-22

Mainline Station Restaurant at Domett in North Canterbury serves home cooked New Zealand country cuisine in a restored railway station originally opened in 1907.
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