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Conflict in Bougainville - Part 5 - A Price On The BRA Leaders' Heads And Danger For Their Wives - An Interview With Josie Kauona Sirivi
Dorothy -- 2000-04-21

Bougainvillean women continued to suffer as PNG broke the ceasefire, but were helped by prayer to survive.
Conflict in Bougainville - Part 4 - The Sufferings Of The Women Of Bougainville - An Interview With Josie Kauona Sirivi
Dorothy -- 2000-04-17

Josie Kauona Sirivi tells of great hardships she and other Bougainvillean women suffered during the war.
Conflict in Bougainville - Part 3 - Successes of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army - An Interview With Sam Kauona
Dorothy -- 2000-06-30

Sam Kauona, Commander of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, discusses the fighting against PNG, truces and Lincoln Agreement.
Conflict in Bougainville - Part 2 - Interview With Sam Kauona Sirivi - Bougainville
Dorothy -- 2000-06-23

Bougainville landowners, refused compensation by the mining company, mobilise young men and form Bougainville Revolutionary Army.
Conflict in Bougainville - Part 1 - New Zealand's Role In Reconciliation And Rebuilding - Bougainville
Dorothy -- 2000-06-16

Article covers foreign intervention in Bougainvillean affairs and an interview with Bougainvillean Sam Kauona Sirivi studying in New Zealand.
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