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Jack Rogers – Man of peace prepared to suffer for his convictions
Part 4 - Happier times ahead

Jack Rogers -- 2008-12-11

The war was nearly over and there was a prospect of freedom and happier days ahead. Meeting Jean was a wonderful change in my fortunes ...
The Mail Run
Jack Rogers -- 2008-11-19

The mail run provided a secret link between two NZ prison camps where 'military defaulters' were held during WW2. The "no-man's land" between them was out of bounds, and Jack conveys vividly the tension he felt as he ran with the mail …
Jack Rogers – Man of peace prepared to suffer for his convictions
Part 2
The years in detention

Dorothy -- 2008-11-07

Hautu Detention Camp was used from June 1942 to April 1946 to accommodate 150 C.O.s of the 800 men who were conscripted into prisons and camps in WW2.
A camera and three reels of films were smuggled into the camp …
Jack Rogers – Man of peace prepared to suffer for his convictions
Part 1
Influences and decisions

Dorothy -- 2008-10-31

Jack is a staunch pacifist who paid the price for his convictions when he was held in a prison or a Detention Camp for over four years during World War Two …
Lindsay Crozier 1914 - 1992 - a Christian Pacifist who stood up for his beliefs
Mary Crozier talks to Dorothy -- 2008-01-18

Mary Crozier's brief account of Lindsay's life and Lindsay's own account of his experiences in China ...
2007 Buddha's birthday celebration in Christchurch
Report from Buddha -- 2007-05-29

This celebration was able to exhibit Buddhist practice and culture to the thousands who attended this party in spite of the cold and rainy weather ....
Messages of Peace on Hiroshima Day
Ian Dixon and Rob Ferguson -- 2006-10-06

In 1982 Christchurch was the first city in New Zealand to declare itself nuclear-free. Peace messages are an important part of the recognition of Hiroshima Day in the city ….
Commemoration of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior on the twentieth anniversary 10 July 1985
News from Greenpeace -- 2005-06-17

A tribute concert, a service of commemoration, a special recording of NZ band The Muttonbirds’ 'Anchor Me’ ....
New Zealand's largest butterfly release
Chris Sanders -- 2005-01-02

On Saturday February 19th Auckland's Butterfly Creek will be hosting New Zealand's largest ever monarch butterfly release to honour the memory of Asian Tsunami victims ....
New Zealand's nuclear-powered ship ban essential
* Robert Green

Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Retired) gives reasons for New Zealand maintaining nuclear-powered ship ban
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