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Defending The Indefensible
Mark Aitchison -- 2001-01-05

New Zealand's present and possible defence strategies and military hardware are discussed.
New Zealanders Advocate For A Peaceful And Nuclear-Free World - New Zealand Peacemakers
Kate Dewes -- 2000-10-20

New Zealanders' roles as advocates for peace as individuals or Prime Ministers are outlined by Kate Dewes.
The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of The Korean War - 3 - Korea
Richard Coote -- 2000-09-01

New Zealand Korean veteran describes visit to Korean war cemeteries, and old War Zone and contacts between North and South.
The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of The Korean War - 2 - South Korea
Richard Coote -- 2000-08-25

Koreans welcomed warmly New Zealand Korean veteran at celebrations of 50th Anniversary of outbreak of Korean War.
The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Outbreak Of The Korean War - Korean War
Richard Coote -- 2000-08-18

Celebrations for fiftieth anniversary of outbreak of Korean War described by Richard Coote, New Zealand Korean War veteran.
Nuclear Weapons And Y2K - Nuclear Weapons
Combined Authorship -- 1999-12-17

The urgent need to take nuclear weapons off hairtrigger alert is emphasised in a letter from international peace groups to Russian and American leaders.
NATO attempting to exclude use of nuclear weapons from list of war crimes.
Kate Dewes and Rob Green -- 1997-12-05

Article urges governments around the world to include use of nuclear weapons on list of war crimes.
Nuclear Strategy Of NATO Is Illegal
Conrad -- 1997-07-03

International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War
Dorothy -- 1997-05-08

The Ex-Chief of U.S. nuclear planning visits NZ to help the anti-nuclear campaign.
Quotes from General Lee Butler's Erich Geiringer Oration * anti-nulear
Selected by Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret -- 1997-10-23

Quotes from a speech in Wellington NZ 1997 by General Lee Butler Former Commander in Chief US Strategic Command, advocating the abolition of nuclear weapons.
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