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Beliefs in error
Laurie Loper -- 2010-08-23

"A finding that 97 per cent of students share a 'remarkably similar' capacity to learn, raises the possibility that, by employing an efficient process, huge across-the-board improvements in learning outcomes could be obtained" Nuthall
Speaking of tipping points
Laurie Loper -- 2010-08-30

Imagine a situation where all but a handful of students might become top learners, for that's the exciting prospect that the Nuthall research holds for tomorrow's students, their families, and their teachers.
A surprising racing driver
Audrey Hutcheon -- 2010-07-27

I grew to love driving an MG. I had my licence at 18
Cancer Society supported by many non-smoking young people expresses concern about the number of young people smoking.
Lynne St.Clair-Chapman -- 2010-07-19

Fourteen New Zealanders, including two Maori, will die today. The same number will die tomorrow and the day after that and every other day
BAD: New Zealand Crooks
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2010-07-09

Graham Hutchins in 'BAD: New Zealand Crooks, Cranks, Creeps and Killers' researches social background and lives of individuals.
Keeping an eye on the weather
Maria De Cort -- 2010-06-21

Hickey has been giving New Zealanders the heads-up on the weather since 1998 with his unique mix of meteorological terminology and Kiwi banter
Winner of Twinings Short Film Festival Announced
Shelley Ashdown -- 2010-06-11

Jasmine Gow, a first-year film and television student in Christchurch, has won the inaugural Twinings Short Film Festival with a charming tale about love
Icelandic eruption pertinent to graduate's doctoral research
Reprinted from UC "Chronicle" -- 2010-04-30

Dr Scott Barnard graduated PhD in hazard and disaster management from the University of Canterbury after completing a thesis on the possible impact of ashfall on various aspects of New Zealand's infrastructure...
Cancer Society New Zealand's views on smoking
Lynne St Clair-Chapman -- 2010-05-05

On April 20 the Society expressed concern at the number of New Zealanders dying of illness caused by smoking: on April 29 it applauded the Government's increase in the taxation of tobacco products ...
Short films that are your cup of tea to make and to judge
Alysha Dingle -- 2010-04-12

As part of the Twinings Autumn Season at the Rialto Cinemas Twinings Tea is sponsoring a video competition to be judged by the public
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