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More Denniston memories
Dorothy -- 2010-06-04

A crime-free community, friendly people, happy school days, plenty of entertainment, fun and friendships -- a great place to grow up. The fog, the rain and the cold winds no deterrent to happiness …
Moraine's rock type gives rise to questions about synchronistic climate change.
Reprinted from the UC -- 2008-12-19

The new findings suggest the loop was the result of a landslide, not climate change …
Spirituality on the Move
Rob Ferguson -- 2008-11-27

What would happen if a small group of people took four days travelling across the Alps? In February 2008, eight of us explored the Southern Alps road between Christchurch and Hokitika and our responses to the changing landscape ...
Thai travellers journey around the South Island of New Zealand
- Part 1

Cholatis Sanchaypiengpen -- 2007-10-01

Thai visitors drive across the Canterbury Plains, through Arthur’s Pass, on to Hokitika and south to the glaciers – a long but scenic drive on the first day’s travel ...
Franz Josef to Nelson
Dorothy -- 2006-12-01

This journey takes the traveller through luxuriant bush, beside beautiful beaches and lakes, beside the mighty Buller River, and through areas rich in interesting history...
Anniversary celebration of the first solo flight across the Tasman Sea
Dr. Peter Clarke, Geelong, Australia -- 2006-03-03

An Australasian gathering and a re-enactment of Menzies' flight by aviator Dick Smith ....
Stories of life in Otira
Dorothy -- 2005-07-02

Tales of coaching days, tunnel building, Petrus van der Velden, the flourishing railway days, the present drive for re-development ….
Otira – a West Coast settlement – 1923 till today
Dorothy -- 2005-05-06

Part 2 Otira has had fluctuating fortunes since 1923 and now the Hennah family is injecting new life into the old settlement ….
Otira – a West Coast settlement with a fascinating history
Dorothy -- 2005-05-06

Part 1 Otira’s early years till the opening of the railway tunnel which bears its name ….
Living on Denniston 1910 - 1967
Dorothy -- 2005-03-19

In this isolated site with its inhospitable weather Denniston people built a close-knit and supportive community which remained while there was work in the mines and on the Incline ....
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