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Unravelling the mysteries of stuttering
Reprinted from \"Canterbury\" magazine -- 2008-06-27

Bianca Phaal's research into the oral communication of three and four year olds has thrown new light on the role of anxiety in stuttering …
Douglas Lilburn: His life and Music – by Philip Norman
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2006-12-08

This eminently readable biography shows Lilburn as a musician but also aspects of his life – friends, relationships, love of poetry, contacts with poets, students, rivals in the music world ….
Young University of Canterbury researchers win prestigious science prizes
Reprinted from UC "Chronicle" -- 2006-07-14

Winning scientists' research topics included 'electrospinning' to develop patches that could replace skin and bone, using wind generated power at Scott Base, identifying the presence and concentration of deadly chemical weapon agents ….
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) research finds girls are as impaired as boys
Reprinted from UC's Chronicle -- 2006-03-24

Dr Julia Rucklidge studied the gender differences between 114 adolescent girls and boys, aged between 13 and 17 years, with and without ADHD ….
Battle Of The Bulge Moves To Boarding School Dining Rooms
Graeme Colman -- 2006-03-10

The battle against New Zealand's growing obesity epidemic is being tackled with new Eurest Taste Life menus ....
Nursing training in New Zealand over the last 125 years - Part 2
Dorothy -- 2005-07-22

Nurses still had to work long hours and observe rigid rules, but their training and conditions improved and they travelled outside New Zealand and served in three wars ....
Brighter future for cataract sufferers thanks to UC researchers
Reprinted from the University of Canterbury -- 2005-05-27

Researchers at the University of Canterbury are pioneering an eye drop to halt the development of cataracts which are the major cause of blindness worldwide. Until now, the only option has been corrective surgery ....
Unexpected outcomes emerge from Kiwi language project
Reprinted from University of Canterbury’s “Chronicl -- 2005-04-01

“The Origins of New Zealand English (ONZE) project is unique in the world. No other country of natural English speakers has records that go back to the beginning” ….
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