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Icelandic eruption pertinent to graduate's doctoral research
Reprinted from UC "Chronicle" -- 2010-04-30

Dr Scott Barnard graduated PhD in hazard and disaster management from the University of Canterbury after completing a thesis on the possible impact of ashfall on various aspects of New Zealand's infrastructure...
Daily micronutrient dose may combat mental illness
Reprinted from the University of Canterbury \"Chronicle\" -- 2010-03-04

A University of Canterbury clinical psychologist has discovered compelling evidence that taking a micronutrient supplement may have big benefits for sufferers of some mental illnesses…
Shell Show a Treat for Nature Lovers
Peter Poortman -- 2009-03-12

The Shell Show is your chance to learn more about some of the 3,000 different species of molluscs (soft bodied animals) which live in New Zealand’s land and waters …
New Zealand National Climate Summary for 2008
From NIWA -- 2009-01-22

The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has released its climate summary showing 2008 to have been "a rollercoaster year for extremes" …
Earthquake Commission funds coseismic landslide research
Reprinted from UC "Chronicle" -- 2009-01-16

Associate Professor Tim Davies to develop and test a methodology to identify the most probable source locations and volumes of earthquake-generated landslides in seismically active mountain terrain …
Moraine's rock type gives rise to questions about synchronistic climate change.
Reprinted from the UC -- 2008-12-19

The new findings suggest the loop was the result of a landslide, not climate change …
Colossal squid defrosting and examination
Paul Brewer -- 2008-04-18

The squid caught in February 2007 is to be defrosted and examined at Te Papa (Tory Street) on 30 April and the whole process is to be filmed for Discovery Channel special …
Auckland Astronomers help discover a new solar system that looks very familiar
News from Stardome Observatory -- 2008-02-15

Stardome Observatory astronomer, Dr Grant Christie, is a member of an international team that has discovered two planets orbiting a dim star nearly 5,000 light years away - the closest match yet found to our solar system …
Research indicates dogs have some ability to read minds
Reprinted from UC\'s "Chronicle" -- 2008-01-16

Canterbury University psychology student Michelle Maginnity's experiments suggest that dog owners who think their beloved pooch can read their mind may be right …
NZ's top young ICT researchers to gather at UC
Report from NZCSRSC 2008 -- 2007-11-21

New Zealand's top ICT postgraduate researchers will gather at the University of Canterbury during 14-17 April 2008 for the next New Zealand Computer Science Research Student Conference ...
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