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"A Driving Guide to Scenic New Zealand"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-02-19

To browse through this book will make readers quickly aware of the variety and extent of New Zealand scenery and help them plan any exploration …
"The Celluloid Circus: The Heyday of the New Zealand Picture Theatre
1925 – 1970" By Wayne Brittenden

Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-12-17

Read this entertaining book to recall past enjoyment of movie going or extend your knowledge of the entertainment so widely enjoyed in the middle of the twentieth century …
"On Zealand's hills
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-12-02

The articles with their beautifully produced photos held my interest until I had read each chapter ...
"Kids to the Rescue" by Rebekah Palmer
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-11-13

Champ the Chopper and the kids are looking for children to rescue. Their new story with illustrations by Weta Workshop's Daniel Falconer will rescue adults worried about what to buy at Christmas for children aged from 2 to 7 …
The Baby Business - What's happened to maternity care in New Zealand?
Review by Dorothy and Press Release by Glasstower Communications

Lynda Exton -- 2008-11-05

This explosive and eminently readable new book is the product of dedicated and scrupulous research by a family doctor who is trained in obstetrics and cares deeply about the health of mothers and babies …
"Great New Zealand Railway Journeys"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-10-29

Graham Hutchins takes readers on twelve railway journeys - the scenery, the history of each area, conversations with fellow-travellers – an enriching experience for the armchair or active traveller …
Successes for the tourism industry and government support
News from the Ministry of Tourism -- 2008-10-09

Despite the gloomy financial outlook internationally, awards and government support have given the New Zealand tourism industry reason for optimism …
Two contrasted books shed light on colonial life in nineteenth century New Zealand - Part 2
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2008-06-20

Vile Crimes: The Timaru Poisonings – historic nineteenth century crime investigated by lawyer Peter Graham
Two contrasted books shed light on colonial life in nineteenth century New Zealand
Part 1 "Lights and Shadows of Colonial Life" by Sarah Amelia Courage.

Dorothy -- 2008-05-23

In "Lights and Shadows of Colonial Life" Sarah Amelia Courage gives a detailed and entertaining picture of her life for a short time in Christchurch and then on a North Canterbury farm from 1864 to 1899 …
"Travelling New Zealand" and "Day Walks in New Zealand"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2007-12-20

These books of remarkable Bird's Eye 3D maps and clear, informative text will interest both prospective explorers seeking new horizons and armchair travellers recalling past travel – a welcome gift at Christmas or any time …
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