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BAD: New Zealand Crooks
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2010-07-09

Graham Hutchins in 'BAD: New Zealand Crooks, Cranks, Creeps and Killers' researches social background and lives of individuals.
Reliving the past in words and paintings - Don McAra's "Hold Very tight Please! – The Cable Cars of New Zealand"
Dorothy -- 2010-03-10

With his remarkable ability to create pictures with words and with paint McAra is ideally qualified to draw us back into the 1930s and 40s…
Craig Potton's "Classic Walks of New Zealand"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2010-02-26

This book is not just about nine walks on New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DOC) land, but shares the experience of the author - the moods engendered by the landscape or seascape, the changing colours, the sounds or the silence.
Gecko Press publishes two outstanding books for children - "Friends - Snake and Lizard" and "There was a Crooked Man".
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2010-01-28

Gavin Bishop's charming and eye-catching illustrations add life to the traditional nursery rhyme and to Joy Cowley's stories which will entertain readers of all ages…
A wide range of topics in New Zealand books reviewed in 2009
Dorothy -- 2009-11-17

Books on the New Zealand landscape, wine, chamois, penguins, ballads, biography, history, forest issues add up to varied and absorbing reading …
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-10-20

Jason Barrell wrote this account of his life in conjunction with Elaine Weber McGough. I found reading of the setbacks he experienced and his dogged perseverance in overcoming them and each time making a fresh start was truly motivating ...
Ron Palenski's history "HOW WE SAW THE WAR:1939-45 THROUGH NEW ZEALAND EYES"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-09-03

The material and illustrations are drawn from newspapers published during the war when written material was of special significance as there was no television or Internet and radio news broadcasts were few …
"From Patterson's Heart"
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-07-24

This collection of country ballads ranging from expressions of sorrow to entertaining narratives will have a special appeal for those who look back in nostalgia to a different way of life and different values …
"Forest Affairs" - a title with a double entendre for a novel with two main themes
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-05-29

In Roger Keey's latest novel the affairs of a family beset by stress and lack of fulfilment and the impact of changes in the management of the nearby forest are the main forest affairs …
"A Nurse at War – Emily Peter 1858-1927"
Authors - Joan Woodward and Glenys Mitchell

Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2009-03-20

For readers who enjoy books that throw light on history and the lives of remarkable New Zealanders it was a fortunate chance when the authors were given access to the diaries of Emily Peter ...
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