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Dance Festival - The Gathering 2000 - Trance
Siobhan Coleman -- 2000-01-21

The Gathering - self-declared the most famous outdoor party in Aotearoa, the place to be New Year's Eve 2000 was, arguably, The Gathering, where I was among 10,000 other Gatherers who danced up a millennium storm at the top of Takaka Hill.
Watea - Performance Review - Women prisoners
Reviewed by Juliet Neill -- 1999-10-08

Watea is a powerful drama performed by prisoners at the Christchurch Women's prison . It portrays honestly the personal experiences of the women.
Night Swimming By Emma Neale - Reviewed by Wendy
Reviewed by Wendy Gallagher -- 2001-08-24

New Zealand novelist Emma Neale writes powerfully of adolescence and the impact of tragedy on a teenage girl.
A Glimpse Of Underlying Tensions In 1950s New Zealand - Barbara Ewing
Review by Wendy -- 2001-07-13

Barbara Ewing's 'A Dangerous Vine' portrays 1950s New Zealand society and Maoris' problems largely hidden from Pakeha.
Lambent Flames - A Novel By Roger Keey - New Zealand Novel
Reviewed by Dorothy -- 2001-02-09

Roger Keey's novel, "Lambent Flames", centres around problems in a 1950s NZ gasworks and the engineer's career and love life.
Stickmen - Film
-- 2003-11-07

New Zealandís answer to 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' sees three Wellington pool players get mixed up in the local underworld when they enter a high stakes pool competition run by Daddy, the underworld's Greek crime boss.
Scilla Elworthy
Dorothy -- 2001-02-02

Scilla Elworthy, Director of the Oxford Research Group, her book "Power and Sex", her view of NZ's anti-nuclear stance.
Film Review - Snatch - Movie Review
Conrad -- 2000-12-08

Guy Ritchie brings us a London gangster comedy in the same vein as his earlier 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', and delivers a similarly fast paced, complex weave of characters and plot that entertains from beginning to end....
Film Review - Coyote Ugly - Movie Review
Conrad -- 2000-11-17

New York, New York! - where models work as barmaids, dreams are derailed, and good looks and talent are not enough on their own for you to 'make it'...
Book Review - Gladiator - Jim Anderton
Published by Random House, 1999

'Unsung Heroes' by Jim Anderton reviewed by Bob Bargh relates the achievements of little known but inspiring New Zealanders.

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