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Film Review - A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare
Siobhan Coleman -- 1999-06-25

Shakespeare's comic power loses its magic in this trying version.
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted? - Film review - Alan Duff
Kelly Andrew -- 1999-06-04

Alan Duff's "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?", sequel to "Once Were Warriors" is a disturbing film, well acted, with a strong message.
Film Review - Elizabeth - The Virgin Queen - Cate Blanchett
Amy Duncan -- 1999-02-05

Once again History delivers a fantastic story. The tale of the reign of English Queen Elizabeth I is a period drama resplendent with calamity, intrigue, faith and romance.
Film Review - Ever After - Drew Barrymore
Amy Duncan -- 1999-01-22

Despite an all-star cast and taking into account the aesthetics of the costumery, Ever After will never go down in the history books as anything other than a mega-hyped non-event.
Film Review - What Dreams May Come - film
Amy Duncan -- 1998-12-18

In what can only be described as an innovative and fantastic view of the afterlife, Robin Williams brings his powerful energies to the screen once again....
Film Review - The Truman Show - Film Review
Conrad -- 1998-11-21

'Cue the Sunů' - Truman Burbank is the unknowing victim of media manipulation taken to an extreme, every moment of his life played out live to air 24 hours a day to a world wide audience of millions....
Film Review - The Avengers - film review
Amy Duncan -- 1998-10-09

Step into fantasy-land British style with the movie rendition of The Avengers. It's all here: action, romance, adventure, humour and yes - a marvellous parody of the English, in particular their stodgy Secret Service.....
Film Review - Dr Doolittle - film review
Amy Duncan -- 1998-10-02

It is difficult to take cherished tales from the imagination and get them to work on the big screen - in the case of Dr. Dolittle, the success rests upon Murphy's inherent ability to role-play and mimic....
Film Review - The Big Lebowski - Film Review - Joel Coen
Louise Lay -- 1998-09-18

Is The Big Lebowski just another zany bowling-noir film? At 127 minutes, the latest offering by the enigmatic, Joel and Ethan Coen (director/writers of Fargo, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, and The Hudsucker Proxy), could turn 'd
Film Review - Sliding Doors - film
Amy Duncan -- 1998-09-11

Akin to a cinematic version of a 'flick-back' book, the events in the film jump back and forth in time through two differing realities, that hinge upon the possible alteration of original events...
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