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Film Review - The Avengers - film review
Amy Duncan -- 1999-05-21

If you have ever wondered at the possibility of other realities co-existing with our own, then here is a film for you.....
Film Review - Head On - Movie Review
Siobhan Coleman -- 1999-05-14

Head On is not strictly for the gay crowd. It can be enjoyed by those wanting a challenging and thought provoking film.
The X Files Movie: Fight The Future - David Duchovny
Amy Duncan -- 1998-08-15

Film review of The X Files Movie: Fight The Future - If you have ever watched an episode and wished that it was longer, then the movie is your wish on a platter. The atmospherics, effects and acting are awesome. Just don't expect much more.
Film Review - One Night Stand * Wesley Snipes
Kelly Andrew -- 1998-08-01

Mike Figgis' (director of "Leaving Las Vegas") latest film could have been a potent exploration of the consequences of marital infidelity...
Film Review - Welcome To Sarajevo * Stephen Dillane
Kelly Andrew -- 1998-07-04

The irony of the title "Welcome to Sarajevo" is an early indication that this is not a film which attempts to romanticise or elevate war...
World of Whales - Science Alive Exhibition
Kelly -- 1996-12-19

Twelfth Night * Film Review Shakespeare
Dagny -- 1997-06-19

Film review of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night starring Helena Bonham-Carter, Imogen Stubbs, Ben Kingsley
Film Review - Titanic - Movie Review
Maria Mara -- 1998-03-20

If you want to see a movie with a bit of everything, then Titanic more than delivers. It's all there in this blockbuster film...
The Relic * Film Review
Dagny -- 1997-09-04

Film review of horror movie The Relic. Starring Penelope Ann Miller
The Game
Conrad -- 1997-11-13

Review for the movie 'The Game' in NZine - Life on top of the world. Lifestyles, enterprises and humour from the New Zealand perspective.
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