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Swingers * Film review * Jon Favreau
Conrad -- 1997-10-23

Smilla's Feeling For Snow * Film review * Julia Ormond and Gabriel Byrne * Peter Hoeg *
Dagny -- 1997-10-02

One of the reasons I went to see this movie was to see how well it would live up to Peter Hoeg's extraordinary novel...
Sleepers - Movie Review
Kelly -- 1996-12-12

Renée Robinson -- 1997-01-30

Love Serenade
Renée Robinson -- 1997-01-30

Romeo and Juliet * Film Review Shakespeare
Kelly -- 1997-03-06

Film review of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Director Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy, and Pete Postlethwaite
Ransom - Movie Review
Marek Shalom -- 1996-12-12

Lost Highway * Film Review
Conrad -- 1997-05-01

Film review of director David Lynch's Lost Highway. Starring Bill Pulman and Patricia Arquette
A Life Less Ordinary * Film review * Ewan MacGregor * Cameron Diaz * Holly Hunter *
Dagny -- 1997-11-12

This movie contains a range of genres that range from gritty realism to magic realism, from cartoonesque to hoky Hollywood.
Film Review - Good Will Hunting - Film Review
Conrad -- 1998-03-27

This thought provoking, funny and poignant movie is driven by an insightful screenplay which has already won a 1998 Golden Globe Award...
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