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Cell Phone Towers An Issue Again
- This Time In The USA

Dorothy - 20/3/98

The news that follows is not about New Zealanders or protest action in New Zealand, but we are printing it because our readers have shown overwhelmingly their interest in the topic of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and we believe that they will want to know what is happening in the U.S.A.

Demonstration planned at Synagogue
On Saturday March 14, residents of Brookhaven and Wallingford PA will participate in a "peaceful demonstration" at the Ohev Shalom Synagogue at Rt. 320 and Rt. 252 in Wallingford PA from 8:30 to 10:00 AM. Events will include a 9:00 press conference and a prayer vigil at 10:00. Those wishing to attend are asked to meet at the rear of the Brookhaven Municipal Building, on Cambridge Dr. and Rt. 352 at 8:00 a.m.

The residents are gathering to peacefully demonstrate their opposition to the construction of 135 ft. monopole cellular communications facility in the Ohev Shalom Cemetery. The cemetery is nestled in one of the areas last remaining open spaces along the Ridley Creek watershed at Brookhaven Rd and Waterford Way in Brookhaven PA. The area serves as a natural buffer between Brookhaven and Wallingford homes. The Synagogue is located two miles away from the cemetery in Wallingford.

The proposed transmission facility consists of a 135 ft tower, with an allowance for up to three antennae arrays at the top. It will have cinder block maintenance facility at the base, surrounded by a 8ft high chain link fence. For security purposes the facility will also be illuminated at night.

Kurt Grotz, a spokesperson for the Citizens Against the Tower (CAT) explained the group's position, "We are adamant that this proposal is not appropriate for this residential/natural setting. We are also concerned about our property values and about the health and safety effects." He added, "but by law we are denied the right to address health issues."

According to Grotz, the group has little choice in holding the action, "Bell Atlantic is determined to place the tower in the cemetery, and by President Clinton's signing of the Federal Communications Act, it is now illegal to deny them. We have made several good faith offers to work together with Bell to find an appropriate location. With no response from Bell, we contacted the Synagogue. Unfortunately, the leadership of the Synagogue has not found it their hearts to acknowledge our concerns. We are hoping that Congregation members are not aware that Brookhaven and Wallingford residents feel so strongly opposed to the proposal. We are hoping they see the injustice being perpetrated on the citizens of Brookhaven and Wallingford. We pray that they will convince the leadership to stop the process."

Brookhaven Borough Council unanimously rejected Bell's first attempt to site the cemetery cell tower at a public meeting on February 19th .1998. Bell resubmitted their proposal on the 25th. There will be a Public Meeting at the Brookhaven Borough Council Cambridge Dr. Brookhaven April 21st 1998, to address this new submission.

For more information contact Citizens Against the Tower, PO Box 1380, Brookhaven PA 19015, or call Kurt Grotz on the CAT Hotline 610-874-2859 or email

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