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Having An Attractive Flower Garden During Dry Periods - Part 3
Dorothy - 13/3/98

Hardy plants that cope with dryness - information from Jocelyn Thorpe. You will probably want to read Part 1 and Part 2 in this series if you have not already...

Jocelyn Thorpe at the Merivale Garden Centre holds a mixed bowl
of hardy plants.
Jocelyn Thorpe at the Merivale Garden Centre holds a mixed bowl of hardy plants.
Over the last two weeks Jocelyn has suggested low growing and mid-border plants that can withstand very dry conditions. This week she has given us a list of taller plants - those to go at the back of the border. These are plants for dry and hot situations.



Name Description Flower Colour
Agapanthus Strap-like fleshy leaves, thick roots. Clusters of flowers at top of stems in summer. Sun or shade. Varieties from 60cm to 2m. Purple, blue and white
Anemone Japonica Sometimes evergreen, maple-like leaves with single flowers, similar to poppies. Sun or shade. 60cm to 130cm. Summer and autumn. White, pink
Clematis integrifolia Oval leaves. Stems do not climb. Must be cut back hard each autumn. Sunand good soil. 1 m. Blue
Euphorbia varieties Narrow leaves with milky sap. Large flower bracts. Sun or part-shade. 60cm to 1.5m. Yellow, green, reddish.
Feverfew Finely divided leaflets, clusters of double flowers in summer. Tough in any soil. Sun or shade. Up to 1m. Single leaves eaten raw relieve migraine. White.
Digitalis Purpurea
Biennial. Large greyish leaves. Dramatic flower spikes. Any soil in part shade. Spring to summer. Up to 1.8m. Apricot, white, pink and yellow.
Gaura Lindheimeri Slender stems which need staking. Small butterfly-like flowers all summer. Well drained soil in sun. 1m. White, and pink which is a new colour.
Kniphofia varieties Spiked leaves. Sun and dryish soil or sand. Can be used as hedges. Flowers look like their common name, "Red Hot Pokers". 60cm to 1.5m Cream, yellow, orange, red and green.
Lavatera Barnsley Lobed leaves. Flowers like mallow, borne in profusion. Good soil in sun. 1 to 1.5m. Pinkish white, Lavatera rosea pink
Lupin Russell (Legume) Spires of flowers in summer. Well-drained or sandy soil in sun. 60cm to 1m. Blue, yellow, white, pink and red.
Pachystegia Insignis
(Marlborough Daisy)
Elegant leaves, grey-white underneath. Dry stony soil once established. Good in large pots. Set under eaves etc. in Christchurch because slightly frost tender. 75cm. Flowers good for drying. White with yellow centre.
Monarda Didyma (Bergamot) Some hydrids flourish in dry places. Aromatic leaves used for tea. Sun or part shade. Flowers in whorls. 60cm to 1m. Purple, red, white and pink.
Oenothera Tetragona (Evening Primrose) Any dryish soil in sun. Long flowering. 45cm to 1m. Oenothera Missouriensis is lower. Yellow
Rosemary varieties Narrow-leaved, aromatic shrub (i.e. woody stems). Culinary and medicinal uses. Sunny well-drained soil essential. 50cm to 1.5 m. Light blue, dark blue.
Rudbeckia Laciniata Any good soil in full sun. Showy single flowers, late summer to autumn. Also shorter form, gold quelle, with double flowers. 60cm to 1.5m plus. Yellow
Rue Lacy greyish pungent leaves. Deters insects because poisonous. Dry place in full sun. 40cm to 80cm. Yellow
Yucca Dramatic flax-like leaves, often held erect. Dry soil in full sun. Flowers like bells along strong stems. To 2m. Cream, white, pinkish.
Final Note
All plants listed grow better with regular mulching. Most need at least one pruning per year. Check instructions on label at time of purchase.

Ring Jocelyn at the Merivale Garden Centre or call in or write if you want further advice or wish to purchase any of these plants. If she does not have them in stock she will order them for you.

You will find that there are no problems communicating with her.

Merivale Garden Centre
158 Leinster Road
Christchurch 1.
Telephone 355-8507

Do use the Backchat facility to add your ideas to these.

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