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We Touch Back With Our
Love... Lady Diana

- Dwayne Francks - 4/9/97

At first I didn't know how to feel. Dwayne Francks I never really knew a lot about her, only what the media dished out, and to tell you the truth I got tired of the relentless hounding and intrusion into her private life!

In the past few days I have found a new born respect and appreciation for this beautiful woman.

What is it like to be a true disciple of kindness? An angel of charity? She lived her message. She was a Princess yet despite that status, she was nice person. It doesn't cost anything to be nice.

What goes around, comes around. Lady Diana genuinely touched millions of people around this earth. Young people. Old people…disease and race never a barrier. And a billion people touched her back. They touched back with their love.

I believe the full impact of her tragic death has yet to be realized. I feel I will miss her even though I never knew her.

Isn't it sad that it took her death to bring the world together, and it's still happening now. Maybe it's a good thing, not her death, but perchance it was her lifelong mission- to show the world we can be nice to each other, help each other and express openly our feelings of joy, love and happiness and in this case our sorrow.

It's now on our shoulders to make our world a better place. Let's put a little Diana in our own lives.

Check out Dwayne's Web Site!

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