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Dr Doolittle - Film Review
- Amy Duncan 2/10/98
It is difficult to take cherished tales from the imagination and get them to work on the big screen - in the case of Dr. Dolittle, the success rests upon Murphy's inherent ability to role-play and mimic...” More...

The Big Lebowski - Film Review
- Louise Lay 18/9/98
The latest offering by the enigmatic Joel and Ethan Coen could turn 'dullsville' bowling into the new 'hip-cool' pastime for the 'retro' generation...” More...

Sliding Doors - Film Review
- Amy Duncan 11/9/98
We have all been there I am sure, and said the inevitable statement of woe - "If only...." - well here is the movie about just that...” More...

The X Files Movie: Fight The Future - Film Review
- Amy Duncan 15/8/98
There is little to hang onto in this film by means of depth of story. It is slick and perhaps a little too so...” More...

One Night Stand - Film Review
- Kelly Andrew 1/8/98
Mike Figgis' (director of "Leaving Las Vegas") latest film could have been a potent exploration of the consequences of marital infidelity...” More...

Welcome To Sarajevo - Film Review
- Kelly Andrew 4/7/98
The irony of the title Welcome to Sarajevo is an early indication that this is not a film which attempts to romanticise or elevate war...” More...

City Of Angels - Film Review
- Amy Duncan 20/6/98
In this decade of soul-searching and new-age spiritualism, the obsession with angels continues but now on a Hollywood scale...” More...

As Good As It Gets - Film Review
- Amy Duncan 23/5/98
Not your average character, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is a veritable nutcase, so caught within an obsessive compulsive disorder...” More...

Good Will Hunting - Film Review
- Conrad 27/3/98
This thought provoking, funny and poignant movie is driven by an insightful screenplay...” More...

Titanic - Film Review
- Maria Mara 20/3/98
If you want to see a movie with a bit of everything, then Titanic more than delivers. It's all there in this blockbuster film...” More...

Bike - NZ Music Review
- Conrad 30/1/98
Bike is New Zealand guitar pop at its best, producing 40 minutes of shimmering melodic moodiness in their first full length CD 'Take in the Sun'...” More...

Alien Resurrection - Film Review
- Conrad 16/1/98
The fourth in the Alien series, I think this movie fails to deliver the quality of the first two and is destined to...” More...

A Life Less Ordinary - Film Review
- Dagny 12/12/97
This movie contains a range of genres that range from gritty realism to magic realism, from cartoonesque to hoky Hollywood...” More...

Contact - Film Review
- Dagny 21/10/97
This film, based on Carl Sagan's novel, explores the idea of contact with extra-terrestrials...” More...

The Game - Film Review
- Conrad 13/11/97
There should be a warning on the promotional material for this movie that it is likely to induce paranoia and a disconnection from reality...” More...

Brassed Off - Film Review
- Dagny 23/10/97
The film runs the gamut of emotions from tearful sickbed scenes to ruthless black comedy...” More...

Swingers - Film Review
- Conrad 22/10/97
Favreau wrote the screenplay in a semi-autobiographical way, as an actor struggling to find a career in LA. He even wrote his friend Vince into the story...” More...

Smilla's Feeling For Snow - Film Review
- Dagny 2/10/97
One of the reasons I went to see this movie was to see how well it would live up to Peter Hoeg's extraordinary novel...” More...

The Relic - Film Review
- Dagny 4/9/97
I have to say that I think the name of this film is somewhat misleading...” More...

Twelfth Night - Film Review
- Dagny 19/6/97
This is an honest and compelling film that cuts to the centre of the Shakespearean text and conveys it with warmth and humanity, and a commendable lack of hype...” More...

The Fifth Element - Film Review
- Conrad 22/5/97
A classic good and evil scenario complete with an intelligent dark force...” More...

Lost Highway - Film Review
- Conrad 1/5/97
David Lynch, director of such movies as Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Eraserhead, and television classic Twin Peaks, is back to his enigmatic best with this one... ” More...

The English Patient - Film Review
- Colette 27/3/97
Having read Michael Ondaatje's poetic, Booker Prize-winning novel, "The English Patient", I had some reservations about the film.... ” More...

Romeo & Juliet - Film Review
- Kelly 9/3/97
It is not clear cut reality, but almost super-real, in a stunning combination of grimy-retro and decadently futuristic. The aristocratic family rivalry of "Romeo and Juliet", the play, is transformed into gritty mafia gangland hostility... ” More...

Michael Collins - Film Review
- John 7/2/97
So what do you expect from a movie such as this? Thrills? Despair? Enlightenment?” More...

Shine - Film Review
- Renée Robinson 7/2/97
That'sDaddyDaddy'sbadno Daddy'ssadbecausehisfamilyall gotconcentratedhahahanothat's notfunnyisitSylvia?ooohSylvia beautifulSylviaooohTonyyou're beautifultoTonyhahahaha” More...

Love Serenade - Film Review
- Renée Robinson 30/1/97
If you liked “Muriel's Wedding” then “Love Serenade” is the movie for you” More...

The Frighteners - Film Review
- Kelly 9/1/97
When your number's up... your number's up... ” More...

World Of Whales - Science Alive Exhibition
- Kelly 19/12/96
Kids squeezing the rubbery nose of one of the sea creatures...” More...

Sleepers - Film Review
- Kelly 12/12/96
Payback time on the streets of New York... ” More...

Ransom - Film Review
- Marek 12/12/96
Taking a rich kid hostage can be trouble...” More...

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