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Kiwi Encounter

Gillian McDonald - 21/05/04

For the first time in New Zealand a tourism venture, Kiwi Encounter, will enable visitors to Rotorua to see kiwi "conservation in action" and at the same time support a facility dedicated to increasing the numbers of kiwi chicks raised for release in the wild.

To add to the excitement, and with perfect timing, a tiny kiwi chick hatched from its egg in the new attraction.

Staff member with chick
Staff member with chick

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As the doors open on Kiwi Encounter, two aspirations combine to bring a conservation success story into public view - one a committed conservation ethos, and the other commercial tourism.

You'll be inspired by the history of conservation success embodied in Kiwi Encounter.

Because of the significant achievement over successive years, with numbers released now in excess of 50 chicks a year, the management at Rainbow Springs have invested in a tourism attraction capable of producing even greater results for kiwi conservation.

"This facility will give us the capacity to incubate, nurture and raise an even larger number of birds. Through visiting Kiwi Encounter, New Zealanders and overseas visitors will assist the continuation of this valuable work," says General Manager, Mark Wypych.

Kiwi Encounter enables visitors to see up close "conservation in action" as never before. It is a special combination of natural history and wildlife conservation where you'll see for the first time in New Zealand the very real process of raising kiwi chicks from eggs, for ultimate release back into the wild. Visually emotive, a tour could, on any day, encounter all the drama usually found in a human neo-natal unit.

Visitors looking into the husbandry area at one of the staff with a chick.
Visitors looking into the husbandry area at one of the staff with a chick.

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The tour of Kiwi Encounter with experienced staff will enable visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the kiwi, and the threats to its environment and existence. Tour highlights include the husbandry areas and "runs" where the chicks are raised, and the stunning new open-plan nocturnal house which is home to adult captive kiwi and culminates in the impressive static display.

The Kiwi Culture exhibit
The Kiwi Culture exhibit

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"It has been a thrilling journey, to conceptualise and introduce this attraction into the tourism market. It could not have been achieved without the support and encouragement of our conservation partners, the Department of Conservation, BNZ Kiwi Recovery, the community trusts and conservancies who bring us wild kiwi eggs, and not least our dedicated team at Rainbow Springs," says Mark.

Don't miss out. Book ahead for one of the tours
Kiwi Encounter is open from 10am - 5pm daily.
Currently guided tours operate at 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00. This will expand to hourly in peak season from September.
Reservations are essential.

Kiwi Encounter is located at
Rainbow Springs, Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua
Telephone: 0800 724 626 (within NZ)
Or     +64 7 350 0440
Fax : +64 7 350 0441
Email: Kiwi Encounter

Photos Source: Kiwi Encounter.

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