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The Flatting Series - Part Two

Meals Of The Flatting Era
Sally Mulligan - 11/2/00

Having been recently thrown headfirst into this whole flatting thing, I have just really started to appreciate how scary food can be. And that it is possible to get sick of toast. That first month livin' on flatters' food was great... oh the novelty of eating spaghetti four times a week. Enthusiasm for this practice quickly dwindled and was replaced by something I never thought possible. A longing for real food - yes, including vegetables. Especially vegetables. I recently heard a story about someone who managed to 'cook' a meal entirely of out sugar. I am assuming other ingredients were used, such as uh... water. I just hope they left room for desert.

To the delight and surprise of my flatmate I informed her one afternoon that I was planning to make dinner. This was an attempt to replace all those nutrients I suspect I have not been getting from raro and cheese toasties, after the discovery scurvy was not just for sailors. Armed with my wooden spoon and other similar cooking weapons, I thought back to my fourth form Home Economics class, now what were those important lessons we learnt? To measure everything precisely was a big one. I seem to recall a major part of the grade we received depended on just how level you could get that teaspoon of oil. Yes very helpful.

Okay so I don't have an apron, this does not mean I cannot chef. (I have decided I don't cook - I chef). I have also come to grips with the fact that education isn't all that helpful when applied to real life situations, such as malnutrition - and it was time for approach two. I turned to the trusty Edmonds cookbook (thoughtfully given to me by my big sister who resides on the other side of this whole flatting business) and flicked through the index and reached the following conclusions: Chicken Casserole isn't possible when you lack chicken, lasagne is never quite the same without pasta, and peppered steak minus the steak is no fun.

I thought it prudent to check what ingredients we had before delving further into the cookbook, and came up with the grand list. Cheese, Dogfood, Eggs, Potatoes and an assortment of canned goods. If I were Mcguiver I could have built a jeep by now. But, spaghetti on toast with cheese is a whole different food group than just spaghetti - and it sure sounds good to me...

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