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Letter to NZine - Political Correctness versus Community Correctness

Liam Butler - 21/04/06

The Oxford Advanced Dictionary defines Correctness as ‘being accurate or true, without any mistakes; it subsequently defines Politics as ‘anything but’. So until Parliament effectively rectifies this dichotomy and provides utopia for Aotearoa I am going to focus on trying to be Correct for my Community.

For me Community Correctness means that I do my best to make sure that the community gets the best bang for its buck for the community services it funds. This means that I ask myself: is this initiative or current state of affairs correct for the current needs of the community? And is there a logical plan of how it is going to get feedback from its stakeholders so it can improve its services in the future.

Being Community Correct means I feel strongly enough that I am willing to risk sticking my neck out once in a while and chance saying the words like Maori or Bible and express my love of the family unit if I think whatever comment I am making at the time is going to help the community get the best bang for its buck for the community service it funds.

Are New Zealanders being sufficiently outspoken about the use of community funds? Do they express their views in private conversations or even on talkback, but not to the authorities responsible for community expenditure? It takes courage to go against what are considered the politically correct views.

P.S. This might not be the most politically correct thing to say but …
I am sure my good wife would attest that I most definitely DO NOT always get the last word…

So please put your comments on this issue in the forum that follows this article.

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