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Letter To NZine - Where Is The Support And Sponsorship For Women's Sport?
Sally Mulligan - 11/11/99

To refer to them as 'mens sports' would be sacrilege, but I would like to know where the support and sponsorship for the women's league, rugby and cricket teams is.

For more years than I can remember I have watched my two older sisters play rugby and when the time came for me to take up my place next to them I thought nothing of it. The apparent lack of interest and commitment by both provincial and club sponsors, supporters and organizers for women's teams is disappointing to say the least.

Is a ref who knows the rules and would like to enforce them too much to ask for? You will occasionally run in to one you can liken to the U10's referees whose catch phrase "never saw that - play on" is more likely to be heard than the whistle.

We're not looking for a sponsor like Adidas - although they might be interested in us now  :-)   - but a bit of sponsorship and support wouldn't go astray.

Bring on the new kit, big crowds, beer company sponsorship and I look forward to seeing more Dads kicking around a footy ball with their daughters.

Sally Mulligan

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