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Letter To NZine

Terrorism And The World's Future
Margaret - 19/10/01

To the Editor

Most people I meet tell me that they are depressed and that all decent values have gone and the world has become a terrible place since September 11.

I have listened to George Bush talking of "a crusade" and of retaliation against those terrorists who are responsible for the outrageous acts causing death and destruction on September 11 at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and in the passenger planes that were hijacked.

I have also listened to other speakers and read other views and want to share with NZine readers the thoughts that have stayed in my mind.

If someone on your own side in a conflict commits an act of violence s/he is a freedom fighter. If someone on the enemy side commits an act of violence s/he is a terrorist. It all depends on the viewing point.

A horrifying number of people were killed in a short time in the Trade Center, at the Pentagon and in the hijacked planes.

But how new is it to hear of horrifying numbers of innocent civilians losing their lives?

A horrifying number of people were killed in Indonesia by the US-supported Suharto regime.

A horrifying number of children have died in Iraq because of the embargo on importing pharmaceutical supplies.

A horrifying number of people have died in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

A horrifying number of people on the Pacific Islands where nuclear tests were conducted have suffered terribly as a result of nuclear tests, dying of strange illnesses and producing deformed babies.

A horrifying number of East Timorese have died in the violence in their country.

The list could go on and on.

Where does the greater guilt lie? It all depends on the viewing point.

What is new is that the loss of life on September 11 occurred in the United States.

How will a war against Afghanistan put anything right?
It will only add to the suffering. Civilians will be killed in "bombing accidents". Thousands will be homeless and short of food in the coming bitter winter. Thousands will die of malnutrition.

This war may serve to give vent to the anger of the American people, but will the resulting increased enmity between Moslems and the West really serve to give greater security in the future?


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