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Therapeutic Products & Medicines Bill shows New Zealand as a heartless country

Health Freedom Protest -- 07/06/2007

Health Freedom Protest action organizer, Nicola Grace, says "Helen Clark has got a nerve criticizing Mercury Energy for cutting off power supply leading to the death of Mrs Muliaga when her government is moving to cut off supply of vital natural health products with her 'Anti-Vitamin' Bill".

The Bill would make safe natural health products illegal without a permit, so endangering the lives of many New Zealanders.

At the end of last week Prime Minister Helen Clark condemned Mercury Energy's actions, saying "I don't want to see our country condemned as utterly heartless."

"I cannot believe that Helen Clark fails to see the connection between a corporation cutting off power to an oxygen machine and an Australian corporation cutting off supply of safe essential nutrients that many New Zealanders, including myself, depend on," says Nicola Grace.

Nicola Grace is a cancer survivor since 1994 when she commenced recovery while living in Australia under the TGA (The Therapeutic Goods Administration).

"I took high dosages of vitamin B complex including niacin, vitamin C and an array of minerals, amino acids and food enzymes all of which I had to import from either New Zealand or America, as well as a variety of herbs. The reason I had to import these nutritional supplements was because the TGA had made some of them illegal. Many of those remaining legal were not available in high enough doses to give me the nutritional saturation I needed beyond the recommended daily allowance, to feed my depleted body. I was spending around $500 AU per month in supplements and shipping."

"Eventually I had to leave Australia and go to the United States so I could have the freedom to work on my recovery my own way. I have recently been diagnosed with Melanoma and once again am turning to high dosages of nutrients to keep me alive. If a trans-Tasman agency is formed as a result of the Therapeutic Products & Medicines Bill, given my past experience with the TGA, it will without doubt shorten my life unnecessarily and in no way safeguard me from harm."

"If Helen Clark truly does not want New Zealand condemned for being a heartless country, she should be consistent and abandon this Bill immediately."

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