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Tribute to Rosalie Carey
Zela Charlton -- 21-07-2011

This function was a Celebration, a Performance, a Wake, a Tangi
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Small Farmers
Zela Charlton -- 08-07-2011

An answer to the isolation, sometimes felt by us Small Farmers, is met in the Whangarei District by our Whangarei Association of Small Farmers
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Memories of Christchurch as a very different city
Sonya Stevens -- 01-07-2011

As shock after shock hits my old city, buildings tumble down, churches are destroyed, roads cracked, gardens swamped in liquid, I find it almost unbearable. Most of all, it is the people I think of
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Volunteer Awareness Week
Dorothy -- 24-06-2011

Special week for people in Christchurch ...
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Communication in Christchurch after the earthquakes
Dorothy -- 17-06-2011

There is little variety in the topics for conversation. Earthquake experiences have replaced the weather as the safe introduction to conversation ...
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Developing countries pledge bigger cuts to greenhouse gas emissions than the world's richest nations
Jason Garman -- 10-06-2011

Oxfam estimates that over 60 per cent of emissions cuts by 2020 are likely to be made by developing countries. Global temperature increases of more than 1.5C will have catastrophic consequences for societies across the globe ...
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Broken Food System and Environmental Crises spell Hunger for Millions
Oxfam -- 01-06-2011

Oxfam launches global GROW campaign to transform the way we grow and share food and ensure everyone has enough to eat, always
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The Press Christchurch celebrates 150 years of uninterrupted publication.
Dorothy -- 27-05-2011

On May 25 1861 The Press published its first issue and on the same date a century and a half later it published a special edition to mark the anniversary ...
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Which New Zealand ports will the superliner Sun Princess visit on each cruise?
On what river flowing from the Southern Alps to the east coast of the South Island is the kayak section for Coast to Coast competitors?
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Q.What is purpose of the Plantation Business Challenge?
to see who can grow the biggest trees
to encourage Pasifika business entrepreneurs
to find the most profitable way of using timber
to encourage preservation of native forests
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Asthma and Renal disease
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